Pacific Northwest Tour




The Pacific Northwest and Canada express beauty beyond belief. Tour and See with us and you will experience Oregon, Washington, and Canada in ways you could not even imagine. You will visit Mount St. Helens – up close and personal! You will be wined and dined in the emerald city on the ocean, Seattle Washington. Experience the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls and learn about the secret lives of the pioneers when you visit Underground Seattle. Then, on to glorious Vancouver and a plethora of unexpected pleasures. Last on the agenda, but forever in your memory is Victoria, British Columbia and the Butchart Gardens, the Pacific Undersea Gardens and more. This isn’t just another tour. We’ve got surprises for you. This is a North by Northwest Experience!


Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Vancouver, Canada, and Victoria, Canada


June 2019. Details coming! Come back here to Tour and See,


Airline reservations can be made through our partner: In-Joy Travel at (510) 542-7773 or [email protected]. Ground transportation is included in your tour package.

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Adults and Families

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20 people maximum.

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